Sunless spray tanning provides us with a healthy alternative to skin-damaging UV rays.

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Sunless spray tanning provides us with a healthy alternative to skin-damaging UV rays.

But what else causes skin aging?

The third major cause of premature skin aging, behind UV exposure and smoking, is to be found in what we eat and drink. Most of us are aware of what foods and drinks are deemed unhealthy – but do you really know how and why?

1. Sugar

It is well known that too much sugar will make you overweight, but did you also know that it will give you wrinkles?

Sugar in your bloodstream attaches to and alters the proteins collagen and elastin – the fibres which keep your skin looking silky and smooth. The proteins then become aged and saggy, as does your skin.

2. Salt

Salt causes tissues to swell, which can harm the elastin in your skin and lead to the premature development of wrinkles.

3. Fizzy drinks

Most people are well aware of the high acidity, sugar content / nasty sugar substitutes, and tendancy for fizzy drinks to increase the amount of bacteria in your mouth (leading to bad breath).

However, soft drinks have also been found to cause serious cell damage.

Researchers at Sheffield University found that sodium benzonate – a common presevative found in most leading brands of fizzy drink – switches off vital parts of our DNA, leading to accelerated aging.

4. Additives

Additives such as tartrazine (found in buscuits and sweets) and carmoisine (ready meals) have been linked with asthma, gastic problems and skin rashes.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol can burst the blood vessels close to your skin, leaving broken veins visible on your face. It also severely dehydrates the skin, causing wrinkles.

6. Caffeine

Present in coffee, tea, hot chocolate and colas, caffeine depletes the skin of its natural moisture, damaging its ability to maintain healthy cell growth.

Caffeine is also a contributing factor to oily skin and spots.

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