Mobile Spray Tanning






Beautiful Mobile Spray Tanning 

Need more colour in your cheeks?

You can have fantastic radiant skin with a sun-kissed glow without even leaving home.  In just 15 minutes you will have healthy looking,  flawless spray tanned skin that is indistinguishable from a natural tan – and with no risks. We take great care and pride in ensuring that your spray tan is absolutely perfect. Now in our seventh year of tanning, you can be sure of the most expert, professional and caring service.

Spray tanning is the safe alternative to sunbathing or sunbeds – because it is UV free.  We visit you in your home and spray tan you in our pop-up cubicle and mobile extractor to protect your home.

You can have your lovely tan 365 days a year, but it is also great for special occasions such as weddings or parties when you need to look and feel drop-dead gorgeous.  Don’t want to wait 8 hours before you can shower.  No problem we have that covered with as our tans contain 100% Eco Cert Organic RAPID DHA which enables faster developing times.


MoroccanTan combines the deep absorbing nourishment of argan oil with their exclusive spray tanning formula of triple enhanced bronzers and moisture lock to create the perfect natural tan.

Enriched with argan oil and vitamin E, Moroccan Tan helps soften and moisturise the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky. The flawless, streak-free tanning solution, infused with organic argan oil helps hydrate the skin, making your spraytan last longer.  This is a non sticky, natural based solution with NO parabens, NO alcohol and NO DHA smell. Produces a flawless quick drying tan in 10 minutes. Leaving you feeling smooth and looking beautifully bronzed from head to toe


Just the face and neck, perfect to cheer up the winter blues and take away the need for make-up.


Why not invite some friends over and we’ll charge you less for a group booking

All our prices are inclusive of travel

How does spray tanning work?

Your body is sprayed with a solution that contains a certain percentage of DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone), a colourless sugar which reacts with the Amino acids in the dead layers of your skin and over a period of a few hours goes brown – just the same as an apple does when you have bitten it!


Spray Tanning preparation

Mobile Spray Tanning- covering Maidstone, Wateringbury, Coxheath, Paddock Wood, Kings hill, West Malling, Larkfield and surrounding area.

  • Shower, exfoliate and moisturise with a non-oil based moisturiser 24 hours before.
  • Hair removal should be completed 24 hours before, to give the pores time to close.
  • On the day of treatment shower and exfoliate to leave clean prepared skin – DO NOT MOISTURISE.
  • Do not apply deodorant or perfume since they may react with the tanning lotion and may lessen the colour in these areas.
  • All make-up must be removed if the face is to be tanned.


After care instructions to prolong your tan

  • Loose fitting, dark clothing and open shoes or flip flops should be worn initially to prevent rubbing.
  • It is not advisable to wear expensive, tight fitting garments until after showering (minimum of 8 hours after application).
  • Tanning rarely permanently stains clothing. Any residual colour may be easily removed in the wash.
  • All bathing, showering, swimming and exercise must be avoided for at least 8  hours after receiving your tan.
  • First shower after application (minimum of 8 hours) – you may see a light residue in the water – this is the guide colour washing away.
  • Use gentle non-oil based products for cleansing.
  • Pat rather than rub yourself dry.
  • You should exfoliate with body polish from the 4th day to ensure the tan breaks down evenly.
  • Spray tan offers no sun protection, so a sunscreen must be worn if exposing the skin to sunlight.
  • Apply  non-oil based moisturiser daily. (E45 or similar)
  • With regular use of home care products your tan should last from 7 to 9 days, depending on your skin type, skin colour and the extent of your normal bathing routines.



  • I will not spray tan ladies who are in their first 3 months of their pregnancy.
  • B.Gorgeous or Moroccan Tanning contains no SPF so will not offer any protection against UV rays.
  • If you have had a reaction to sunless tanning products or have sensitive skin then a patch test is recommended 24 hours before the treatment.

Other conditions may also affect the result of the tan

  • Eczema, psoriasis, cuts or abrasions.


Beautiful Mobile Spray Tanning- covering Maidstone, Wateringbury, Coxheath, Paddock Wood, Kings hill, West Malling, Larkfield and surrounding area.