Beautiful Shellac Nails

Do your pinkies need perking up?

A Beautiful Manicure or Pedicure will relax & refresh your hands or feet.

Boost your confidence with beautiful hands and feet. Choose from one of my outstanding Manicures or Pedicures that will leave them looking radiant.

Classic Shellac Manicure £25

Your nails will be shaped, cuticle work carried out and then a moisture pack with A.H.A’s applied to  promote healthier looking and noticeably more nourished surrounding skin. Finally your nails will be buffed to a natural shine with CND’s award winning “Solar Oil” or polished.

IBX Treatment £10

2nd Treatment (and every other treatment there after )        £6

Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating.  Also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long!

Classic Shellac Pedicure £25

Nails will be trimmed and shaped, cuticle work carried out and then a moisture pack with A.H.A’s applied to promote healthier looking noticeably more nourished surrounding skin. Cucumber heel therapy treatment can be applied at this point if required. Finally your nails can be buffed to a natural shine to a natural shine with CND’s award winning “Solar Oil” or polished. (As this is a dry pedicure, Minx, Shellac or  Rock Star/Twinkle toes can be applied straight after treatment.)

Callus Peel £20 or with any other pedicure £15

callus peel


 This fantastic treatment leaves clean and soft skin on those problem areas.The Callus Peel is applied to problem areas, allowing calluses to be quickly   and easily scraped away. This is a 30 minute, four step system will give results that you can see right away. The treatment can be done as a stand alone  treatment or incorporated within a Pedicure.


Discover the revolutionary Shellac from CND, can give 14 days wear, is 3 free, uses UV3 technology, is hypo-allergenic, with lasting ultra glossy mirror shine, no dry time, no smudges, and best of all no nasty prep, and removes in 10 minutes! Really! I mean REALLY! Shellac can be worn with acrylic (L&P) or U.V. gel nail overlays with fantastic results BUT is most ideally suited for wear on natural nails. – But polish doesn’t last? That’s OK this isn’t a polish!



Rock Star/Twinkle Nails

A CND Shellac overlay with a glitter of your choice or custom blends of loose glitter with all the staying power and high gloss of a hybrid polish!

Customised to your specification.

Rock Star Fingers From £28

Rock Star Toes From £28


Nails After Care

To keep your nails, hands and feet looking beautiful the following is recommended:

  • Do not use fingernails as tools.
  • Moisturise hands and feet daily.
  • Nourish cuticles with a good quality cuticle oil, twice a day.
  • Use a foot file weekly to prevent hard skin build up.
  • Use a basecoat to prevent staining of nails.
  • Do not use metal nail files.
  • Do not peel Shellac nail polish as this will damage and greatly weaken the nails.
  • Wear gloves when gardening or washing up.
  • Use acetone free nail polish remover.