Mobile Classic Eyelash Extensions


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Beautiful Eyelash Extensions


Long, flirty lashes are on every woman’s beauty wish list. Eyelash extensions are the latest craze to sweep across the beauty industry, and its not hard to see why. The finished look of this innovative treatment produces a stunning transformation of your eyes. Eyelash extensions are suitable for one off special occasions as well as everyday wear. Perfect for woman of all ages, the lashes are semi-permanent lasting the full length of the persons natural lash cycle, but with regular infills every 2-3 weeks can last indefinitely.  The procedure is painless, involving synthetic lashes being applied directly to each individual lash. You can tailor your look to to what you want natural or full on Glam it’s up to you…

Allow 2 – 2 1/2  hours for your appointment time.


Full set Standard £60

(Approx- 90-120 mins) Ideal for everyday wear or parties, from natural mascara look to glam. 

  Regular Maintenance £25

To tidy and replace any lost lashes, infills are applicable to those who have at least 60% of their extensions remaining (Approx – 45-60 mins)

Maintenance Plus £35

Approx – 90 mins) Applicable to those who have between 40 – 50% of their extensions remaining

Lash Removal from £15

(Approx – 30 mins)

*(At 4 weeks a new set will be required.  Also if less than 40% of the lash extensions are remaining) 

Clients MUST have a sensitivity test at least 24 hours prior to an new Eyelash Extension appointment.